On the road to Coeur d’Alene – Update 2

We had a great visit with Blaine, Mary, Francis (11), Claudia (7) and Colby the dog.  We attended baseball, softball games, swimming and hockey practices.  Ate too much ice cream with the grandkids, of course.

We had the ’08 Dutch Star serviced at Spartan, meeting up with Mike & Marilyn McEvoy. We had the Generator fixed at Cummins, and the DirecTV-Winegard Satellite dish fixed, by me. Hope it is more than a temporary fix. We washed & waxed the coach and got the license for the Ford F-150.

We left Ann Arbor / Wayne County Fairgrounds on Thursday 6/25/15 headed to Mackinaw City.  2,143 miles from A2 to CdA.  We were having issues with the jacks coming back up. They go down with hydraulic pressure, but come back up via springs when the hydraulic fluid is drained back. Online HWH says to use WD-40 to wipe them down when extended. They were really dirty and now work good.

So we left for Mackinaw City and stayed at the Mill Creek Campground on the beach overlooking Mackinac Island.  It was a good campground in the woods. No WiFi of course even though it advertises it. Most campgrounds are like this. Only a couple of campgrounds actually have good WiFi. That is why we got the Verizon MiFi Hot Spot and 15Gb of data.

The next night was spent in Michigamme Lake campground. Also a nice campground in the Yooper, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan off of Lake IMG_0461Superior. Last night we stayed at the Grand Casino in Hinckley MN.  It is a 10/10+/10 on the Good Sam campground list. 400+ spaces and most were filled. The only thing that is not a 10 is the WiFi. Of course.

Tonight we are in Jamestown Campground, about an hour east of Bismarck, ND.  The campground is nice but about a mile down a gravel road, nice and dusty. Campground is nice and the WiFi is first class.

Medora ND, 231mi. Also a nice park and the best part is they will let you wash vehicles at your site. So, I washed the F-150 and bottom 2/3 of the coach, the part I could reach. The rest was just hosed down. Being 6’2″ helps. You don’t realize how big is a Ford F-150 crew cab 4×4. I had to stand on my tip toes on the running boards to reach the middle of the roof and top of the windshield. LOL.

We are currently in Billings MT, 283mi, at the most expensive park we have stayed in, Yellowstone River RV. Not worth the price in my opinion. Lots of trees, so no satellite TV and their cable TV is fuzzy. WiFi is weak. Guess we should have stayed at the KOA next door for half the price.   We stayed the next night in Missoula MT, 345mi @ Jellystone RV. Nice place.

We are now in Glacier National Park, 121mi for 2 nights @ North American RV about 7 miles from the park. At about 300 miles a day it will take 8 days total travel time.

Stay tuned and check back often.

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