Joplin, MO & Dry Camping.

DSC08908We spent a few days at Sandy’s dad’s house on a lake in Joplin. We had another great visit with Carl and our relatives.  Carl had a 50amp electrical outlet installed years ago when he had a 40’ Tiffin Allegro Bus. So we were able to use that and potable water.  He doesn’t have a “dump” for gray water (dish water, shower water, etc.) or black water (sewage).  So we learned real quick about “dry camping” with electricity.


You need to turn the shower on briefly to suds up, then off while you wash, then on again to rinse off. We filled up the 65 gal gray water tank in 2 days! In researching I found a way to “equalize” the gray and black tanks so we lasted another 2 days with proper water management. You can find about anything on Youtube, from RV maintenance, driving, parking, repairs, etc. A great resource, if you have a Wi-Fi connection.

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