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“Turn the Page”. Bob Seger band 1973.

Another major turning point in our lives. We have sold our home in beautiful Sun City Festival, leaving all our friends and acquaintances and clubs which we will miss. We are now full time in our 40’ Newmar Dutch Star motorhome. How long you ask? Anywhere from 30 days to a couple of years. Who knows. Quite a change from 2,323 sq ft with a 3 car garage to a 40’ x 8’ motorhome. We have sold some things, gave away some stuff, and put the rest in either a garage type storage for the Corvair and things that don’t need climate control, and put the rest in a climate controlled storage in Phoenix.

Weight of our “stuff” is the issue in the motorhome since it is not a “tag axle” which has 6 tires in the back and usually 10,000# of carrying capacity. Ours only has 4 in the back, and only has 2,500# capacity.

Our current “home” is a place called Paradise RV resort in Sun City AZ. We will be here for a month until our dentist and doctor appointments are complete and Sandy’s jury duty is done. We are keeping an address in Maricopa County so we can’t get out of jury duty.  After all that is done we will then head to visit Sandy’s dad in Joplin, MO for a while and then to Ann Arbor MI to visit Blaine, Mary, Francis (11), Claudia (7) and Colby the granddog.

We have signed up for a 60 day motorhome caravan to Alaska leaving July 7th from Coeur d’Alene ID. Check it out @
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Our friends, Mike & Marilyn McEvoy did this trip with a different tour company a couple of years ago and we followed him in his e-mail updates. It sounded great so we signed up.

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