Oklahoma City – Amarillo – Albuquerque

Oklahoma City-Amarillo – Albuquerque

We were setting in Hot Springs watching the weather in the Southwest, trying to guess which way Hurricane Odile was going after it left Cabo San Lucas. The weathermen said it was headed to Phoenix and would be the next 100 year storm, a week after the previous 100 year storm. The choices were to set it out in Hot Springs, go the route thru Dallas-El Paso-Tucson-home or I-40 from Hot Springs to Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff-home. We decided on the I-40 route.

We spent a night just west of Oklahoma City, another just outside Amarillo and 3 nights in the end just north Albuquerque in Rio Rancho, watching the storm as it curved East to Tucson and then El Paso. Mother Nature will go where she pleases. So without a car in tow we had 2 days of down time and relaxation.  There was an Albertsons and Wal-Mart within walking distance so we explored the area on foot.

There was a car museum, J&R Vintage Auto Museum, on the RV property so we checked it out one day. It was mostly pre war cars and trucks with a few muscle cars thrown in. There were about a dozen cars that had competed in the Great American Race, one actually won in 1995, a 1917 Marmon.  All were meticulously maintained by a gentleman who we chatted with. He was obviously a master craftsman who had been restoring cars all his life. He had 3 Model A’s that he was restoring, all without a lift. I asked him about that and he said the owner wouldn’t buy him a lift so he just rolled around under the cars. He was in his 80’s at least. Hope I’m that spry at that age! They had on display next to each other in a row, one each restored 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933 and a 1934 Fords. Amazing the front grill progression. I decided the1933 with the sloping gill was my favorite. The museum is a worth a visit if you are in ABQ. It is only $5 to get in and you will have the place all to your self. Check out the 50 cars and trucks in the back lot waiting restoration.

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